First Scientia PhD Students

Posted 1 May 2017

The first of our Scientia PhD Scholarship students, recruited in the first round of selections, landed in Sydney last month, and is ready to start research to visualise the journeys of different nanoparticles inside cells.

Simone Bonnacorsi, an engineering graduate from Italy, was awarded a Scientia Scholarship for a PhD project with Scientia Professor Justin Gooding at the School of Chemistry this year. This project appealed to Simone because it is interdisciplinary, and he especially liked the integration of virtual reality to model the journey of the nanoparticles inside cells. He sees the virtual reality component both as an opportunity to learn a powerful technology, and to bring him back to his roots in engineering, after branching out into biological systems and nanoscience during his Masters in Europe, and internship at MIT.

Hot on Simone’s heels is T. Cong Vu, who touched down 27 April, from Vietnam. Cong will also work with Gooding on nanoparticle trafficking.

In semester two, another two students will start their PhDs at UNSW Chemistry with Professor Richard Tilley.

Last year, the UNSW launched this new PhD scheme to recruit future World Changers. The aim was to attract students with the greatest potential from around the world to work on priority research areas, and provide them with mentoring, support and career development opportunities to help them reach their full potential.

Sixty-two of the 154 applicants were offered Scientia PhD Scholarships, and applications were only invited from up to two candidates nominated by project supervisors.

The next round of applications will open soon, watch this space.


[Phots: Simone, above and Cong, right]