Recognition of Teaching Excellence for UNSW Chemistry

Posted 16 December 2016

Transformation of first year laboratory teaching to enhance student lab skill development earns VC’s Teaching Excellence Award.

The team consisting of Professor Scott Kable (Head of School), Dr Ron Haines (First Year Lab coordinator), Dr Scott Sulway, Dr Luke Hunter (First Year Academic Coordinator), Associate Professor Steve Colbran (Higher Year Lab Teaching Coordinator) undertook a huge project to put a focus on students’ acquisition of technical proficiency during their first year lab classes, called the Lab Skills Assessment Project.

“The recognition is well-deserved given, not only the amount of work that the team has been put in, but the clear improvement in student outcomes as a result,” says Associate Professor Jason Harper, the Director of Teaching at UNSW Chemistry.

The ultimate goal is to roll this assessment out also for higher year laboratory classes, so that by the students acquire a portfolio of skills by the time they graduate from Chemistry programs.

The Vice-Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence was in the area of Contributions to Student