Making an impression at Research and Development Topics Conference

Posted 15 December 2016

At the 24th RACI Research and Development Topics Conference, Muhammad Zenaidee (Donald Group) won a award for his oral presentation entitled “Peptide Ion ‘supercharging’ in Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry for Improving High-Throughput Shotgun Proteomics”. His talk impressed an editor of international chemistry journal – Analytica Chimica Acta – so much that the Professor from Spain invited him to write a review for the journal.

Another student from the Donald Group won a poster prize at the same meeting. Laura Jeffress – only four months into her PhD – won a prize for the poster presentation of her work, which is part of a collaboration with the Gooding group. Laura’s poster was entitled “Using Matrix-assisted Laser-desorption Ionisation Mass Spectroscopy Imaging for Lipidomics of Single MCF-7 Cells”.

The annual conference in Analytical and Environmental Chemistry was held this year at Western Sydney University at their Parramatta CBD Campus from 4 – 7 December. The conference was designed to showcase Australia’s up and coming scientists.