Chemical Science paper from Scott Kable on Acetaldehyde photolysis featured in Chemistry World

Posted 30 October 2014

Congratulations to Kin Long K. Lee, Mitchell S. Quinn, Alan T. Maccarone (USyd), Klaas Nauta, Paul L. Houston (Georgia Institute Technology, USA), Scott A. Reid (USyd), Meredith J. T. Jordan (USyd) and Scott H. Kable  on their article in Chemical Science. Their paper on two roaming pathways in the photolysis of CH3CHO between 328 and 308 nm (Chem. Sci., 2014, 5, 4633-4638) can be found here.

The article was featured in Chemistry World under the title Acetaldehyde photolysis: right to roam (click on this link).

This paper by Kable and co-workers reports on two previously unknown roaming reaction pathways for the photolysis of acetaldehyde: methyl radicals roaming about the formyl radicals and hydrogen atoms roaming about the acetyl radicals. One of the outcomes of this work is that we now have a better understanding of how acetaldehyde degrades in the atmosphere but acetaldehyde is one of the principal products from organic volatiles released from plants into the atmosphere. Acetaldehyde and its breakdown products are one the key components of photochemical smog and understanding better how acetaldehyde breaks down will therefore allow atmospheric scientists to improve their modelling on how atmospheric pollution.