Angewandte paper from Luke Hunter on using steroselective fluorination to alter the geometry of a cyclic peptide

Posted 23 June 2014

Congratulations to Dr. Xiang-Guo Hu, Dr. Donald S. Thomas (Analytical Centre), A/Prof. Renate Griffith (Medical Sciences) and Dr. Luke Hunter on their article in the Angewandte Chemie International Editions. Their paper on tereoselective Fluorination Alters the Geometry of a Cyclic Peptide: Exploration of Backbone-Fluorinated Analogues of Unguisin A (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2014, 53, 6176-6179) can be found here.

New methods for enhancing the efficiency of peptide cyclization, and for fine-tuning the conformations of cyclic peptides, are valuable from a drug development perspective. In the paper from Hunter and co-workers stereoselective fluorination is investigated as a new strategy for achieving these goals. Four vicinal difluorinated analogues of the natural cyclic he