Seminar: Dr. Nathan D. McClenaghan - Photoactive functional molecules: Ultraphotostable fluorophores, Energy shuttling and Molecular machines

Monday, 20 February 2017 - 3:00pm – Monday, 20 February 2017 - 4:00pm  |  Dalton G05

Speaker: Dr. Nathan D. McClenaghan

Supramolecular approaches to new photoactive molecule-based systems are developed in the Bordeaux laboratory (see McClenaghan group homepage:, and a selection of recent examples will be shown.1-4 Reversible Electronic Energy Transfer (REET) can be followed with time-resolved spectroscopies, and unlike unidirectional energy transfer, can induce delayed luminescence and improve phototosensitizer properties in molecular dyads and assemblies. Now we show that REET can intervene in molecular machines in terms of assembly and signaling the state of the system.1

BF2-dipyrrometheneboron dyes (BODIPY) are well-known highly performant fluorophores. Replacing the BODIPY meso-carbon with a nitrogen atom pushes emission into the NIR therapeutic window, and simultaneous incorporation of heavy atoms leads to potential photodynamic therapy (PDT) agents.Here we equally show our findings on benchmark members of this series of BF2-azadipyrromethenes as NIR imaging and PDT agents, providing photodynamics and revealing photostabilities over 3-orders of magnitude higher than conventional BODIPYs.3

Equally, imparting photoactivity to micrometric polymersome host capsules will be discussed. As well as studies of dynamic real-time processes in these hosts, phototriggered explosions with high spectral and spatio-temporal control will be presented.4 


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