Oscar Thach

(Medicinal Chemistry)

What year are you in?
Honours year.

Why did you choose to study science? Why UNSW? Why MedChem?
I've always had a great appreciation for science - a curious mind, coupled with an investigative attitude and an interest in seeking definitive and conclusive results were what brought me to university of high prestige and a strong scientific research background. I specifically chose Medicinal Chemistry as I was highly interested in chemistry and biology in high school. I realised that Medicinal Chemistry combined both of my interests in one degree and was the perfect fit for me.

How are you finding being a student of MedChem?
I have thoroughly enjoyed my course - from making new friends to developing and improving laboratory techniques and learning new concepts and theories in the field of science (especially chemistry and biology) has been very rewarding. The added Honours year has also made the it very valuable and rewarding as it has provided me with the skills and experience to work in the industry.

Within MedChem, what are your main interests?
Development of new compounds that have the potential to become very successful marketable drugs. More specifically, the mechanisms of action of various drugs on the body and structure-activity-relationship studies, where the concept that different components and substituents on molecules can affect biological activity is studied.

What do you hope to do in the future (with MedChem?)
Work in the field of pharmaceuticals, either as a chemist or in drug-testing or marketing of various drugs and new medicines.