Undergraduate Scholarships

General Information

Up to date information about all undergraduate scholarships offered to UNSW students can be found on the UNSW Scholarships website. An overview of scholarships relevant to Chemistry students is given below. Please consult the UNSW Scholarships web site for application procedures and closing dates. The Scholarships web site also has information about many non-discipline-specific scholarships for future students and current students. If you are looking for a scholarship, be sure to browse the Faculty of Science scholarship list (use the 'Search' panel to find all scholarships from the Faculty of Science).

Scholarships for Chemistry Students

There are several named scholarships especially for Chemistry undergraduate students.

In addition to these named scholarships, there are Faculty of Science Scholarships which Chemistry students are encouraged to apply for. For full details, visit the UNSW Scholarships website, as outlined above.

Summer Vacation Scholarships

For Summer Vacation Scholarships please go to this page here.