Undergraduate Scholarships & Prizes

Prize Winners

Each year the School of Chemistry award prizes to undergraduates for different areas and levels of chemistry.

The Howard Awards for Chemistry Majors

The Howard Awards, valued at $2000 per annum, are awarded in recognition of excellence in chemistry as assessed by your overall WAM and performance at an interview. The Howard Awards are open to all students who are entering 2nd year and have a declared major in chemistry. The Awards are decided at the beginning of each academic year and information for 2017 will be available in Semester 2.

For more information, see the 2014 flyer [JPG, 309 KB]

Summer Vacation Research Scholarships

Summer vacation scholarships are funded by the School of Chemistry and the Faculty of Science.  Details of available projects and supervisors for the 2017-2018 scheme are here.  For details on how to apply see the UNSW Scholarships webpage. Applications open August 21 and close Setember 22 in 2017.

General Information

Up to date information about all undergraduate scholarships offered to UNSW students can be found on the UNSW web site. An overview of scholarships relevant to Chemistry students is given below. Please consult the UNSW Scholarships web site for application procedures and closing dates. The Scholarships web site also has information about many non-discipline-specific scholarships for future students and current students. If you are looking for a scholarship be sure to browse the Faculty of Science scholarship list (use the Search panel to find all scholarships from the Faculty of Science).