Honours Research

What is Research?

  • It can be in any field
  • It involves making or discovering something new
  • It involves making independent decisions

What activities will you do while being involved in Research?

  • Analysis of scientific papers
  • Presentations of your research and the research of others
  • Development of a hypothesis
  • Running complex experiments that evaluate if a hypothesis is correct
  • Analysis of sometimes ambiguous data
  • Determine the next step and a new hypothesis

What do you learn from doing Research?

  • Think critically about complex problems
  • Independence
  • Analyze multifaceted situations
  • Overcome fear of difficult situations
  • Become comfortable learning new concepts
  • Develop logical solutions
  • Work as a team solving challenging problems

What if I want to relocate from another university?

Money is available for relocation costs! See the Dean's Honours Relocation Scholarship page for details.
In summary, learning how to do research will develop skills that you will use for the rest of your life!  
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